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So this is it.

I thought it would take us longer, but we walked with purpose. And as we walked, we talked about important things. The memories we didn’t want to leave behind. All we could do was hold on to them tightly since the end is in sight, and we don’t know what will happen when we stop walking.

We talked about the time he got carpet burn on his chin, and bickered good-naturedly about how many goals were scored on a concrete football pitch. We agreed that Converse were not suitable footwear for sport on such a hard surface. We got nostalgic over putting up a bookshelf with hangovers, the sickly sleepy kind, not so much the headache. The lazy, lethargic longing to lie languid and lost, waiting for the day to end and the punishment for partying to fade away. We regretted the music that was never made, that would no longer be made. Because of all the promises that would now go unfulfilled, we felt sad knowing there were always more notes to be played.

We stop, knowing when the sun disappears behind the skyline tonight, we will never see it again. That’s why we came here.

We wanted the best view.

We even dressed up for the occasion, in our own way of course. Our best scruffy jeans, newly-purchased sunglasses, a custom-made dress that’s never been worn before and obviously, some well-loved Cons, because they are entirely suitable for this situation.

The smoke in the distance reminds us of the others. Those who are left, like us, waiting and watching, wishing we could rewind. Or perhaps they feel differently – perhaps they were not as fortunate as us, and have resigned themselves to their fate.

But we will not. We walk away, together. Hoping if we turn our backs on the view, our rebellion might put an end to the end. Even if it burns up behind us, at least we took a stand.

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